Your “Daily” Giving is in your budget!

The Giving Water arranges for businesses, charities and individuals to come together on a bottled water label. This water is attached to charitable community events, The public is able to purchase their bottled water needs from their favorite charity, and those charities receive funds they thought were not possible. Businesses are known to giving, enabling the community to give without sacrifice or burden.

Changing the status of bottled water!


Dawn Weir, the Founder of The Giving Water, was quoted saying: “We all know the power of water and the power of giving. What we are about to see is how powerful they are when they come together.

The Giving Water is more than just bottled water. It is about GIVING, RECEIVING and PROMOTING the Community to sustain itself through Philanthropy and Commerce. The Giving Water does this by bringing together your business, charities, and individuals via a label on The Giving Water bottle.. The Giving Water then flows through combinations of event promotions and your designated charity. The Giving Water then gives back to the entire community to fulfill their need to be charitable and give to their favorite sponsor’s charity. The WHOLE community is then at the forefront of giving and happily hydrating humanity.

Water brings life to the desert. The Giving Water brings life to a “Giving Revolution.” that creates a wave of opportunity in the community. How can you be a part of this giving revolution and ride the wave of opportunity!


You can Become a Sponsor in the “Giving Revolution” right now by donating to the cause:


Become a Business Sponsor!
Your business or company can be a BUSINESS SPONSOR of this “Giving Revolution” just by changing your regular adverting to a more tangible charitable advertising that is also a tax right-off and more importantly to be seen, re-branding your company within the community. It’s a win, Win, WIN….


Get YOUR Charity Involved!
Your CHARITY can also join in the “Giving Revolution” by accepting FREE bottled water and offering The Giving Water to the public so the whole community can ride the wave of giving without sacrifice or burden. Receive funds you did not think were possible.


As a CONSUMER of bottled water, you can become known in the “Giving Revolution” as a GIVER by drinking The Giving Water AND Giving to your favorite charity. How do you want to be seen, as a Giver or just a Consumer? Check The Giving Water Calendar to purchase your Giving Water bottled water.

The Giving Water Benefits is
a Win, Win, WIN!

  • Local businesses increase their Corporate Social Responsibility, while we do all the work.
  • Multiply the number of impressions while extending the shelf life of your message by putting it directly into the lives, hands, cars, and homes day and day of your target market.
  • Advertise and build your brand in the community for pennies on the dollar.
  • Churches, charities, and schools get free water for those they serve
  • Charities offer The Giving Water creating new funds and fundraising opportunity.
  • Families and individual consumers can now support charities by choosing The Giving
  • Consumers are seen as Givers consuming The Giving
  • Consumers are aware of ethical, socially responsible businesses on the label.
  • The entire community gets Happily hydrated.
  • Leverage Your Time- Let us do all your “Conscious Commerce” work, and YOU take ALL the CREDIT!
  • Over 35,000 bottles of water with your logo on it given out in your name to the community.

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